The Real Cure to Panic Attack




“Dont worry.”

These are what we tell a person who is having a panic attack. Unfortunately, those who have tried saying them to someone in the petrifying grip of a panic attack know that they often do not work.

The person having this condition typically loses all control. He may want to stop what is happening, but he is usually powerless to do so. In fact, he loses all sight, all consciousness of everything but the thing that is the cause of his panic. All he knows and all he feels is an intense, paralyzing fear. Secondarily, he may be aware of his extremely rapid heartbeat, his gasping breaths, a chilly numbness, or a terrible sensation of being choked. These, of course, only serve to aggravate his anxiety. Other people may shout at him or shake him, but none of these produces the desired results. None of these calm him down.

The solution then to panic attacks is to stop them before they happen.

Some doctors straight away prescribe medications for patients suffering from panic disorder. But these medications are not supposed to be taken for a long time. Many of them only suppress the symptoms, not the cause. In fact, it is believed that some of these medications later on become the cause of more panic attacks.

So how do we prevent panic attacks? How do we stop their recurrence? The answer lies in the use of natural remedies. A five-thronged approach is recommended, focusing on the mind, diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxation.

The mind must be trained to concentrate, visualize and rationalize. These are some methods used to train the mind to be in control, so that it is not overtaken by terror and anxiety. There are exercises designed for this purpose, which should be done under proper supervision.

Next, the diet should be free from alcohol, caffeine and such irritants. There should also be sufficient water, protein, fruits and vegetables. These foods, rich in alkaline mineral content, help to heal nerve damage.

It is good advise for everyone to have enough exercise. The recommended amount of exercise is at least thirty minutes, three to four times a week.

Finally, relaxation and adequate sleep are crucial ingredients to calming the nerves, hence avoiding panic attacks. In fact, they are necessary to the maintenance of good health, whether or not the person is suffering from panic attacks.

These principles should be regularly and patiently applied. We should not expect to see results right away, but in time, the panic attacks will subside.