Fun Health Tips for Men For An Interesting Life


There are lots of tips that can make you healthy, but all of them may not be effective in some cases. While you may also find some of them boring. Did you know that there are lots of fun health tips for to follow? You will find them interesting and amusing and also you will be able to shape your health.

Following are some fun health tips for men that are divided into 3 sections

Workout tips

Diet tips

Sex tips5 Funniest Workout Tips for Men

1. Make Your Own Routine

Schedule your workout routine. Make sure that you are using your time properly. Find the most suitable time for your workout and make sure that the time slot is available for every day. It is wise to workout at a specific time every day. This will help you to stick to your workout routine effectively.

2. Find a Workout Buddy

Yes, you heard it right! Find a buddy to accompany you during workout. A buddy may help you to get into a race during workout. You will also be able to share thoughts and gossip during workout sessions.

3. Start It Slowly

The most important thing that you must remember that you have to start it slowly. Don’t start your workout in full throttle at the first time. It will ruin your workout and make your body vulnerable. If you are planning to do sit ups or pushups, start with only 5, then start increasing it every day by 1. This is how you will be able making your body comfortable with intense workouts.

4. Choose Exercises Carefully

Do not just jump into a hard and intense exercise session. Choose exercises which suit your weight and height. If possible, take advises from your trainer.

5. Find a trainer

If you are facing problem scheduling or choosing the right activities, find a trainer who will be able to help you with your workouts. You will be able to complete the activities properly every day and make yourself healthy. Besides, a properly aligned workout session is a fun way to keep your body fit.

4 Fun Diet Tips for Men

1. Read the Labels

While buying something to eat, always consider yourself to read the labels. It is a fun way to find the appropriate food products for your diet. Look for the nutritional components in the label. It will help you to learn new things also find the suitable diet.

2. Cook Yourself

Another fun health tips for men is to cook your own food. It will make your diet interesting. But try to make it simple. Avoid butter and use olive oil. Don’t go for grilled, baked, and deep fried foods. Try to use seasonal herbs instead of salt.

3. Try New Foods

You can avoid boredom of your diet plan by trying something new.  Try some fun foods which have good nutritional value and also fun and tasty to eat.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

Always remember skipping meal is not dieting. It will make your body fat rather than making you thin. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try to eat more foods in the breakfast than other meals of the day. You can eat more at breakfast and less at lunch and dinner instead of eating a little for several times.

5 Fun Sex Tips for Men

Don’t get frustrated if you are sweating during sex, it is a common biological thing.

Try to keep your room warm while having sex. Heat will cause dilatation of your blood vessels and make your penis swelling.

Sex is the medicine for headaches. If your partner is having a headache, try to give her an orgasm. It will clear her head and help her to get relief from headache.

If you were tired at night, you can have early morning sex. At morning your blood levels of testosterone are at the highest. This will make your sex interesting.

If you are planning to make your partner pregnant, try to give her a big orgasm. This will aid you in the process because at the time of orgasm, contraction of pelvic muscles help the sperms to move up the vaginal canal. This increases the chances of getting pregnant.